Don’t forget to make sure your vehicle is ready and road worthy for the planned journey ahead. A vehicle that hasn’t been properly maintained and double-checked causes more than just unnecessary frustrations, but can be a danger to you and other vehicles on the road. By doing something as easy as a quick professional vehicle check before your trip, you can save lives on the road.

Human error is often the biggest cause of accidents on the road, but when your vehicle is badly maintained and not checked before a long trip, it contributes to the national road toll every year. Taking some time to properly prepare your vehicle for a long trip will make your trip more pleasurable, but also save lives should something happen.

Here are some things to take into consideration when checking before your long trip.

Air Conditioning

A long journey can sometimes feel like it is never going to end, and even more so when you have children in car repeating the dreaded “Are we there yet?” phrase. Something as simple as a well-ventilated car can offer some relief. Ensure your air-conditioner has been checked and is in working condition.

Auto Electrical

The last thing you want during a long trip is to be stranded on the side of the road with something like a dead battery, faulty starter or alternator that could cause delays and could have been avoided. It is important to check that everything electrical in your vehicle is in order at a professional workshop prior to your trip.


Brakes are a critical safety item that cannot and should not be neglected under any circumstances. Always keep a safe following distance when driving, as possible brake failure can be dangerous, and the consequences can be dire. Always have your brakes checked, and if they sound like they’re squeaky or scratchy or shuddering, get them changed immediately.

Tyre maintenance and alignment

Your tyre pressure, tread and wheel alignment should always be checked to ensure that are correct for road safety. Almost 20% of petrol goes towards overcoming friction between the road and your car, and a simple check when filling up with petrol can already prevent this.

Regular and major car services 

To ensure the longevity of major components of your vehicle, always make sure you have our vehicle serviced at regular intervals at a professional workshop. Having these regular car services will make sure that items like filters and lubricants are replaced and will limit costly repairs from wear and tear.

Being safe and over-checking is always better than being sorry. Keep your car in great shape and getting to your holiday destination will be a safe and sound journey.

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