Top 5 Petrol Saving Tips for Women


Our country is only now slowly building itself up from the recent “sort of” recession talk. But the petrol price doesn’t seem to be budging one bit. Ladies – you’ve got a lot of responsibilities and are most likely underappreciated for them – so why not save a little on petrol and spend it on yourself J


Here are a few fuel saving tips to give you some extra cash at the end of the month.


Tip #1 – Decrease the Number of Trips you Make



As a woman there are many duties that need to be done. By either walking or even going for a run will greatly decrease your petrol costs.


Tip #2 – Decrease Air-con Consumption


Air cons are there to save us from the scotching summer sun. But continuous use of your car’s air con will increase your petrol consumption drastically.



Tip #3 – Check your Tyre Pressure Often


Every car needs her own “blue swayed shoes” but you need to ensure that your tyres are at the correct pressure as your car will use more petrol than usual if your tyre pressure is too low.

Tip #4 – Keep to the Speed Limit


Driving too fast will increase your petrol usage but, driving too slow will also increase your petrol usage as well. So keep to the limit as much as you can and you’ll definitely see the difference in your fuel bill.


Tip #5 – Consider your Luggage

Yes – women love shopping. It’s a cliché – Yes we woman have a lot of luggage. Even just bits and pieces traveling with us but, this puts strain on your car’s engine causing the car to consume more petrol than normal.


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