Selling a car privately in South Africa

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When selling a car, there are many things you can do to ensure that you get the most money possible. Getting the best possible selling price would allow you to pay off your old debt while still saving money on your new vehicle. You have a variety of options, from trading it in as a car dealer to selling it to a private buyer. You are compensated for selling it yourself, but it does necessitate some effort.

You’ll have more money in your wallet if you stop these car sales blunders.

When it comes to buying a new vehicle, it is important to save at least some rand on your current vehicle. The cars start to fall apart as soon as you start chasing a new one. Every year, you lose at least 10% of the value of your car if you own it. A car’s worth after five years is usually less than half of what it was when it was new.

You must think like a salesperson if you want to make more money selling your car. You must be trained and competent in order to succeed. When it comes time to finalize the deal, doing your homework, paying attention to the finer points, and taking the necessary steps ahead of time will save you a lot of time and aggravation.

Selling during Covid-19

The vehicle purchase process has been severely affected by COVID-19 and changes in the retail environment for our safety. Whether you are buying or selling individually or through a dealer, you need to make sure you are following the proper social distance and health rules for your place of residence. Because of these changes, you will be doing more online or earlier than ever before. Here are some tips on how to buy and sell used cars (mostly) from home.

The dangers of private sales

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – The Consumer Protection Act gives us more protection than we currently have, but don’t assume it covers every transaction.

For example, if you buy a puppy and it becomes contagious or deformed, you will not be entitled to get your money back or receive reimbursement for your medical costs because the procedure does not require the purchase of an animal.

Then there’s the possibility of private sales. Every week, I get emails from people who bought goods after responding to a classified ad but didn’t realize they were buying “Voetstoots” because private sales are exempt from the law.


Unfortunately, the CPA would not refer to privately purchased cars. If you purchase a car and are dissatisfied with its condition, the only way to resolve the issue is to pursue legal action. To capture the issue, you’ll need a lawyer or a fair salesperson who is willing to address the issue.

The CPA, on the other hand, breaches the “Voetstoots” section when it comes to a dealer. Under the CPA, the customer receives a vehicle that is of high quality, reasonably fit for the purpose, flawless, long-lasting, and secure.

“Also, losing the security of a “Voetstoots” division to a private seller is never easy. This is critical because you must show that the seller intended to conceal a mistake and mislead you.”

What is the most reliable mode of payment?

To begin, refrain from accepting money. The safest method of payment is through the internet, but it is also vulnerable to theft, so do not advertise your car until you have received payment. Some people impersonate the Pope printer (proof of payment). If you are unable to produce car keys and your car is stolen, your premium will not be charged.

With better finances, you can sell a car.

If you ever owe money on the car but want to sell it, you can contact the bank that financed it and tell them of your intentions to sell it. You should ask for a settlement note, which will show the total amount owed.

When you send this letter to potential customers, they pay the bank instead of you.

A settlement letter will help you claim that the vehicle was not stolen. Another smart idea is to obtain permission from the South African police to ensure that the vehicle is not stolen or under investigation.

It’s a whole different story if you got your car from a lease agreement. A leased car cannot be sold; it can only be moved from one person to another. The bank is normally the one who arranges this trade.

What if the sale doesn’t go according to plan?

Every day, thousands of cars are bought and sold in South Africa. However, there is no guarantee that everything will go as expected, especially if you are selling privately. Do not be alarmed. The Consumer Protection Act would benefit you in the long run if you understand it. The program’s ban should not shake you too badly if the process is recorded at every stage.

Take all of the records to the police station and file a complaint if you suspect theft or fraud. You should have a signed contract to contend against what you have to pay if anyone does not finish the contract.

Never put yourself under any pressure to lose your investment, whether you’re a buyer or a seller. Knowing your rights preserves everyone involved and makes the process of selling or purchasing a car more secure and enjoyable.

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