Road Trip Safety Tips

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Going on a road trip this holiday? Make sure to follow this checklist to keep you and your family safe.

  • Check your oil levels. Motor oil is essential to your car’s performance it lubricates all the moving parts in your engine so they don’t grind and tear themselves into dysfunction.
  • Check your lights and hazards.
  • Check your wipers. The test is simple – are the wipers clearing the water from the windscreen, or are they leaving lines of water that impair your vision?
  • Check tire pressure. Maintaining proper tire pressure will keep you safe. Plus, tires with the correct pressure have a longer life and increase your fuel efficiency. You’ll often find your vehicle’s recommended tire pressure on a sticker inside the driver’s side door.
  • Brake pads. Make sure your brake pads are thick enough. Any brake pad below 5mm needs replacement. Also – make sure when you pull up your handbrake that it doesn’t click more than 4 times.
  • Check for leaks. When your car is standing still and you notice any oil or coolant leaks onto the ground, get it checked by a technician.
  • Before going on your trip make sure that all safety belts work correctly.
  • Make sure you have your spare wheel and tools packed in case of emergency.
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