Does the thought of having to parallel park make you drive to another parking? Does it send your anxiety levels through the sunroof? You’re not alone, in fact, almost 70% of drivers avoid parallel parking at all costs. But by following our tips, you can ace the next parallel parking you see!

Practice makes perfect!

We know you avoid parallel parking like the plague, but you have to start somewhere. And no, your driver’s license test doesn’t count! Start at home where you don’t have the pressure from people. Set up markers and try various ways until you feel comfortable.

Go slowly

Why rush? There’s no need to. The slower you go it, the more time you have to correct yourself if you misjudge the space.

Don’t stop!

Don’t give up just because you aren’t getting it right. You probably fear parallel parking because you gave up trying in the first place. But the truth is, once you get it, you’ll have it for life!

So, persevere and conquer those parallel parking spots!

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