Driving Need to Knows

Driving in unfamiliar areas can make a drivers palms sweaty, heart race and even cause panic. So many questions can run through your mind. What if you get stuck? What if you get stuck in a not-so-great-area? Where am I?

But we’ve got you covered the next time you decide to road trip in another province (or even suburb) that you’re unfamiliar with. Don’t panic – just follow these Need to Knows and you’ll be sorted.

What to consider when you’re driver in an unfamiliar area:

  1. Be Prepared

Carefully think about where you’d like to go and plan the best possible route. By using a map, GPS apps, Google maps and any other resources you’ll find your destination in no time. Ensure that you do the necessary research on the place that you wish to visit, especially if you’ve never been to the place before.


  1. Charge your Cell Phone

If you get lost in an area that you don’t know, it can be both stressful and scary. Make sure that your cell phone is charged before you leave for your trip and just in case keep a car charger in your car as well.

  1. Prepare your Car

Before heading out into an unfamiliar place ensure that your tyres, engine and battery are all in perfect conditions. Keep your oil, water and petrol nothing less than half full.


  1. Consider your Surroundings at All Times

South African roads are known to be dangerous where ever you are or are going. Many of the incidents can’t be predicted, but be aware of warning signs, for example, smash-and-grab signs are common in Cape Town. Avoid using your cell phone while driving and/or listening to loud music.


  1. Emergency Numbers You Should Save

Here are a few numbers that all drivers should have saved on their phones, on speed dial or written down in a notebook kept in their cars:

  • 10111 – SAPS ( South African Police Station )
  • 10177 – Ambulance services
  • 101112 – ESCC ( Emergency Services Call Centre )
  • 0800-656463 – The N2 Emergency number

  1. Take a Friend Along with You

If you’re not comfortable driving alone ask a friend to go with you wherever you would like to go. The other person could help with navigation and help to keep you company.




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