Car Care During Quarantine

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Our health is our priority during this uncertain time, so taking care of ourselves is super important right now.

Whilst our cars remain parked during this period, we have some advice on how to make sure your car is well taken care of despite not being used much, if at all during this time.

  • Top up your tank
    By having a full tank of fuel, you can prevent condensation and rust build up and keep fumes at bay before they build up to a dangerous level.
  • Oil check / change
    If you do not have the tools or experience required to check this yourself, on the rare occasion that you may need to top up your fuel, ask for this to be checked as well.
  • Parking Brake
    Will your car will be standing still for over 3 weeks? If you have an automatic, make sure it stays in park and for manual cars, put the vehicle if first or reverse gear to prevent rolling.
  • Keep the battery charged by starting your car weekly
    If you are not using your car at all, start it up and allow it to reach operating temperature before switching it off.
  • Keep it clean
    Not only is it important to keep the exterior of your car clean, the interior is just as important. Make sure that there are no old foods, coffees or anything that could cause a bacteria build up.

We hope that you stay safe and take good care of yourself and your vehicle during this time.




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