It feels like every year the car insurance companies want a higher premium, and although comprehensive insurance cover is a must, how can you reduce the amount you have to pay?


Keep driving safely – a record of no claims will be one of the biggest factors in the amount you are asked to pay. Just one years of accident free driving makes a big difference to your car insurance.


Find a safe overnight parking area – if your car is parked in a secure area or in a garage, your insurance company may well offer a discount.


Increase your excess – this will reduce your premiums, but only do this if you are sure you could afford the larger excess in the event of an accident.


Take care when choosing your car – high performance vehicles will always attract higher insurance premiums, particularly if you are under 25.


Negotiate with your insurer – especially if you are not happy with the amount they are asking for. Remember, they want your business so it’s you that has the upper hand.


Look elsewhere – it doesn’t hurt to shop around if you cannot agree an acceptable deal with your existing insurer. There are always plenty of other companies willing to help, and you can find out more from one of the online comparison sites, or by getting help from an insurance broker.


Driving on our roads is illegal without the appropriate insurance, but that does not mean you need to pay more than you should.

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