The common question of who is that safest on the roads is one that is always argued over. In most cases, it is posed with driver behaviour in mind and not so much with the consideration of vulnerability of lurking dangers. Various statistics could indicate that women are safer on the road as they are less likely to be in road accidents, however they are more susceptible to be preyed on – especially when driving alone.

Map It Out

Try mapping out your route to keep away from getting lost and having to stop in undesirable places. Keep in mind to not drive in the dark if you do not know the area. Make sure that someone knows your route and estimated time of arrival. Have friends or family check in with you when you have arrived at your destination.

Share with Technology

Take advantage of our expanding technology by using a safety app in case you are in an emergency and traveling alone. Make a note to keep your phone charged in case you need it in an emergency assistance.

Always Be Alert

Consider your parking spot – make sure that it is well-lit and that there is frequent movement. Do not remain by your car for long as this makes you an easier target. Keep in mind your environment – street names and landmarks in case you should inform someone of your location.


Remember that a well-maintained car is less likely to give you problems – keep your car in a good condition and ensure you service it regularly.  It is also wise to learn how to do some of your own maintenance like changing a tyre (it can’t be that difficult, right?)

Be Aware of Stranger Danger

Gone are the days of picking up a stranded hitch-hiker. Unfortunately, the small kindness of offering someone a lift can be rather dangerous especially in South Africa. Therefore, be aware of hitchhikers and stranded motorists. If anyone points out defects on your car or any danger ahead, approach with caution. Be mindful of police impersonators – if you feel unsafe, indicate that you wish to be followed and follow the correct protocol.

Fill Up

Filling your tank when it reaches the halfway mark is a good habit to maintain, it ensures that you are not at risk of being stranded alone on the side of the road or stopping at undesirable petrol stations. Prior to departure ensure that you have enough petrol to get to your destination.

Keep Valuables Out of Sight

Don’t leave your handbag, phone, purse or anything flashy in plain sight as this could attract chancers. These small things might slip your mind when rushing from place to place but keeping it in mind might prevent you from becoming another smash and grab victim.

Source: MiWay Blog

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